Unifying Your Component Management Workflow (Design Data Mgmt)

Derek Jackson
|  Created: February 10, 2017  |  Updated: January 5, 2021

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Unify component management for better design data management. No more main components on backorder, or worse yet, in obsolescence! This Altium whitepaper can help. To learn more about this topic please see the full solution - Unifying Your Component Management Workflow - at Altium.com.

About Author

About Author

Derek brings electronic experience with over 20 years as a support EDA specialist. After earning a Certified Electronics Technician certificate, he continued on to earn a Bachelor of Engineering degree from California State Fullerton focusing in computer architecture and design. Initially supporting embedded development platforms, he began supporting EDA tools in 1997, focusing on schematic, PCB, VHDL and Spice simulation. Joining Altium in 2005 he gets a great deal of pleasure helping others succeed.

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