The What, Why and How of Data Management

Judy Warner
|  Created: March 9, 2021  |  Updated: March 10, 2021
The What, Why and How of Data Management

More than 15 million components to choose from to design your board, where do you begin?

Today’s guest is John Watson, a seasoned PCB designer with 40 years of experience in the electronic industry and now Altium’s Customer Success Manager. He will talk about everything you need to know about library management and how you can successfully keep it organized and functional for your PCB design needs.

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Show Highlights:

  • John Watson, 40 Years in Electronics, 22 Years in PCB Design, 5+Years PCB Design Manager for a global team of 65 Design Engineers
  • What is Data Management and who are the stakeholders that use it?
  • It’s the management of part data throughout the entire process of PCB design and manufacturing.
  • Part Choices (Electrical Engineers-Circuit Designers, Schematic)
  • MCAD (Mechanical Engineers)Procurement (Purchasing and Material Management)
  • EMS Supplier (Suppliers)
  • Recent data management webinar: Office Hours - Component and Data Management ,    Part Two: Follow up session and Homework 
  • Octopart part numbers: 15.1 Million!!
  • “Eating the Elephant” Start with the item right in front of you. Full explanation on webinar
  • Cost of doing it wrong, or benefit for doing it right: Time, Money, Delays, TTM, safety, job security
  • The importance of accurate footprints, pin #1, orientation
  • How do you stay ahead of component supply chain issues such as end of life, obsolescence, and shortages?
  • Tools that help: Active BOM, Octopart, IHS, Concord Pro

Links and Resources:

PCB Design 007 Magazine: Footprints
Chris Denney Podcast: 5 Things your EMS Company wants you to avoid
Octopart Website
Webinar Series: Avoid BOM stock cost and lifecycle surprises as you design

Altium 365: Where the World Designs Electronics

About Author

About Author

Judy Warner has held a unique variety of roles in the electronics industry for over 25 years. She has a background in PCB Manufacturing, RF and Microwave PCBs and Contract Manufacturing, focusing on Mil/Aero applications. 

She has also been a writer, blogger, and journalist for several industry publications such as Microwave Journal, PCB007 Magazine, PCB Design007, PCD&F, and IEEE Microwave Magazine, and an active board member for PCEA (Printed Circuit Engineering Association). In 2017, Warner joined Altium as the Director of Community Engagement. In addition to hosting the OnTrack Podcast and creating the OnTrack Newsletter, she launched Altium's annual user conference, AltiumLive. Warner's passion is to provide resources, support, and advocate for PCB Design Engineers worldwide.

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