Discover Hidden Features in Altium Designer

Created: January 19, 2021

The next generation of Easy, Modern, and Powerful PCB design is here! Join us during this live webinar as we showcase Hidden Secrets in Altium Designer and learn how you can leverage them to elevate your design experience.

With every release of Altium Designer, we present to you all of the significant new capabilities available to enhance your design work experience. These major new capabilities often overshadow some lesser known features that do not get the spotlight they deserve. We want to showcase some of these in this webinar. Many of these Hidden Secrets are not toolbar driven but reside behind hot-keys, right mouse clicks, or preference settings! In this webinar, we will share with you what you may be missing out on and make your productivity and design experience even richer in Altium Designer.

Join us during this Live Webinar to experience the following:

  • Serpentine Length Matching

  • Generic Components

  • New HotKeys for better 3D Scene Control

  • Embedded Board Arrays - Place at Any Angle

  • Component Pin to Multiple Pad Mapping

  • Contour Selection

  • Text String Alignment

  • Component & Polygon Area Calculation

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