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Impedance Calculations for Transmissions Lines!

Created: April 15, 2020
Updated: August 19, 2020

Today’s PCBs contain many transmission lines. Combine this with increased clock frequencies and data rates and the result is a critical challenge to high-speed design. Neglecting these dynamics can undermine product development by compromising performance, power consumption, EMC/EMI compliance, and more - leading to delayed design cycles and opening gaps that can be exploited by your competition.

Hone your high-speed design skills by joining us as we discuss the typical transmission lines encountered in today’s designs, the PCB variables that affect impedance, as well as how to create, calculate, and design transmission lines in Altium Designer. Learn how to maximize the built-in SIMBEOR® engine by Simberian to craft impedance profiles and manage transmission lines in your designs.

This on-demand webinar covers the following:

  • Current trends in electronics development
  • PCB transmission line model and impedance calculations
  • Defining impedance profiles
  • Routing transmission lines to a specified target impedance

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