Large, Medium Or Small - Your Design Data Needs Integrity

Created: November 25, 2020
Updated: December 7, 2020

The challenges faced by today’s designers are rapidly increasing in scope and complexity. This leaves less time to properly organize, manage, and share the design data they create. Typically, unless they have access to dedicated IT resources, they are left with a choice. They can either implement and maintain an ECAD data management system themselves or forgo the advantages of proper data management and live with the potential for errant design data propagating to manufacturing or, worse, to end-products delivered to customers.

Join us to get a first-hand look at these challenges and the solution to all of your ECAD data management needs.

In this webinar, we will explore the following areas:

  • Organizing libraries, designs, workflow, and collaborators in one place, allowing access and viewing of the data on any device, anywhere.

  • Maintaining design history - from component changes to manufacturing outputs and everything in between - and how to restore previous versions quickly and easily.

  • Creating new, inherently-organized, searchable, and parameter-rich components while ensuring availability, cost, and life cycle status.

  • Rapidly identifying and updating designs that rely on components with cost, availability, manufacturing, or reliability issues.

  • Effortlessly sharing and reviewing designs and collaborating with team members, managers, customers, and external service providers, in real-time, at any point in your design cycle.

  • Collaborating with MCAD designers using native integration with their tools.

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