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Seamless Connection Between ECAD and Simulation Environment Using Ansys CoDesigner

Created: February 20, 2024
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  • 0:12:56 Jan 1, 2024
    0:12:56 Jan 1, 2024

Due to the complexity of modern electronic products featuring high-speed and RF circuits, intensive communication between PCB and simulation engineers is required during the PCB design process, and this communication should be as clear and simple for both sides as possible. It is not sufficient to export a design changed by the PCB engineer or optimized by the simulation engineer and pass it to the other side – it should also be communicated what has been changed, which is usually done by email or verbally. This approach is imperfect because of the need to track all requests and compare the data manually to decide on design changes or to start a new analysis. These and other related challenges can be overcome by Ansys CoDesigner.

Altium and Ansys have partnered to solve one of the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks in the product engineering process and that is nothing but the design data transfer and communication between ECAD and Simulation. To support this communication, we have developed a smart digital bridge called Ansys CoDesigner and it can connect both ECAD and Simulation platforms. So, what used to be exported/imported manually earlier is now seamlessly transferred using this bidirectional interface.

The additional advantage is that the results can be directly pushed from the Simulation environment to the Altium environment and can be stored within Altium 365 or Altium on-prem enterprise servers. This connection also assures that each activity is tracked, history can be accessed for any back changes or details, and commenting can be done for better review or design change suggestions.

In today’s video, I am going to cover the technology demonstration to show how this digital connection between ECAD and the simulation environment enables electrical engineers and simulation engineers to work together with ease and accuracy, helping companies accelerate design time and minimize additional costs.

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