Webinar | 6 Reasons to Switch Design Tools

Created: May 26, 2020

No PCB design should be out of your reach! Whether you’re designing a single PCB or a complex system with multiple circuit boards. Altium Designer’s powerful single application provides you with a no-compromise experience for every step of your design journey.

Come see how Altium Designer, the industry standard for PCB design, combined with Altium 365 delivers the world’s first connected PCB design experience.


  • How Collaboration, Design Reuse, and our Unified Design environment can help you work from anywhere and connect with anyone throughout the design process

  • How powerful part search can enhance your ability to make informed component decisions as you design

  • How BOM management can help reduce parts obsolescence issues

  • High-Speed Design is made easy

  • How you can go beyond file-based exchange with and native ECAD/MCAD collaboration capabilities

  • How seamlessly integrated documentation, and output data templates can save you time every day

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