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Announcements: Altium Designer 15.1 Released

Nikolay Ponomarenko
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: September 25, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of Altium Designer®15.1, which includes new features and enhancements focused on productivity, documentation, and high-speed design.

What’s New for High-Speed Design

Altium 15 was all about improving the high-speed design process, and we’re taking that a step further in 15.1. Creating length matching rules is easier than ever with the new xSignals® Wizard, which will automatically configure your length matching rules and account for T-branches, components, signal pairs, and groups.


Configuring length matching rules with the Wizard

What’s New for Productivity

Layout productivity has been significantly enhanced in Altium 15.1, with new features aimed to improve your design efficiency and workflow experience. Our highlighted feature for productivity is the new Pad & Via . This feature helps to save time when editing and managing pads, with the ability to define templates that can then be applied to  specific groups of pads on your PCB.

Managing pads with the new pad & via

Additional productivity features for Altium 15.1 include:

  • Cypress CapSense touch sensor
  • TASKING® pin mapper
  • Enhanced polygon pour checks
  • Improved union management
  • New board outline clearance checks
  • New xDxDesigner importer
  • New options for solder mask expansions

You can read about all the details for the new productivity features in the Altium Designer 15.1 Productivity blog article.

Want to see all the new productivity features in action? Check out the What’s New page.

What’s New for Documentation

We all know how important accurate manufacturing documentation is in the design process. New features in Altium Designer 15.1 make it easier than ever to communicate your design intent with expanded documentation options. Our favorite from this category is the addition of Bikini Coverlay Support for rigid-flex designs. You can now easily add support layers to your rigid-flex designs, all fully visible in 3D and configurable to your specific material needs.

New bikini coverlay support for rigid-flex designs

Further feature additions for documentation in Altium Designer 15.1 include:

  • 3D PDF outputs
  • Live drill drawing data
  • Multiline text support
  • Automatic polygon naming

You can read about all the details for the new documentation features in the Altium Designer 15.1 Documentation blog article.

Want to see all the new documentation features in action? Check out the What’s New page.

Accessing the Update

Altium Designer 15.1 is available now for all Altium Subscription customers. A new installation is required for this release. The installer can be accessed on the downloads page.

About Author

About Author

Nikolay currently serves as a Software Product Manager at Altium where he oversees the complete development lifecycle for Altium Vault. He brings over 5 years of software development experience to the team and graduated from Pre-Azov State Technical University in Mariupol where he studied informatics and applied mathematics.

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