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Announcements: FREE TI WEBENCH® Altium Connector Extension

Daniel Fernsebner
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: November 5, 2020
Announcements: FREE TI WEBENCH® Altium Connector Extension

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I’m very pleased to announce the release of another great 3rd party extension for Altium Designer®, the WEBENCH® Altium Connector.

The WEBENCH® Design Center and WEBENCH® Simulation Engine assist enormously with the development of power, lighting, filtering, clocking and sensing designs. Allowing you to generate, optimize and simulate designs, while making the necessary value-based tradeoffs to meet your design and supply chain requirements.

The free WEBENCH® Altium Connector provides both an interface to the online WEBENCH® Design Center and an offline interface to the WEBENCH® Simulation Engine, allowing the following:

  • Access WEBENCH® Design Center from Altium and optimize your design.
  • Export that design from WEBENCH® to Altium.
  • Simulate any using the fast WEBENCH® Simulation Engine from Altium.

Details about using this extensions can be found in Altium Techdocs, here and more about WEBENCH® from Texas Instruments can be found here. Below are installation and licensing instructions.

Installation and Setup

The extension is visible to subscription customers from Altium, DXP > Extensions and Updates > Purchased. A WEBENCH® license from Texas Instruments is required.

Installing License for WEBENCH® Simulation Engine:

  • When you run the WEBENCH simulation engine for first time on a design, it will ask for a node license.
  • Attach the logfile showing the WBSE license not found and send an email to for a license. This file is needed for generating a WEBENCH® Simulation Engine license.
  • Once license is received, rename the license file as "node_license" (if not already done) and place it in <WEBENCH Extension Installation Directory>\WBSE.
    Usually you will find it in c:\ProgramData\Altium\Altium {2F259E6B-E4FF-4EB4-9ABC-063D5507D841}\Extensions\WEBENCH\WBSE\node_license
  •  You are ready to use the WEBENCH® Simulation Engine.

Note: The received license file may have some extension associated with it. The license file must be renamed to "node_license", removing any extension if present.

About Author

About Author

Global Head of Technical Marketing at Altium with nearly 20 years experience in the EDA Industry.

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