Coming Soon: Altium CircuitMaker Pro®

Created: September 22, 2020
Coming Soon: Altium CircuitMaker Pro®

In 2015, Altium released Altium CircuitStudio® to best meet the needs of casual users, hobbyists, students, and PCB design aficionados on a budget.

The program helped further Altium’s goal of advancing the electronic design industry, offering the community a straight-forward schematic capture and project management tool combined with a powerful PCB design engine that supports 3D PCB editing at an accessible price.

A New Life for An Old Favorite

Altium is continuing to develop a family of Altium products for PCB design that meet the needs of everyone from maker/hobbyist to enterprise design professionals. To support these efforts, Altium CircuitStudio has been completely upgraded and renamed as Altium CircuitMaker Pro, with robust new features and a brand new User Interface.

Significant advancements include:

  • A new color scheme option with a dark background, with lighter text to make the image-intensive interface easier on the eyes
  • New panels, including a brand-new Inspector panel and Manufacturer Part Search and Components panels; both significantly streamline placing, editing, and component sourcing
  • New graphical engines for Schematic and PCB 3D; Schematic also now features dynamic compilation capabilities
  • A new KiCAD Importer for pro, sch, lib, and kicad_pcb files
  • Enhanced support for Eagle Importer for Eagle 9.x formats

Altium CircuitMaker Pro’s code has been updated to align the code base with the latest Altium Designer technology, enabling further development and quicker adaptations to changes in the operating system environment.

At Altium, we are dedicated to providing PCB design tools to everyone interested in board design, from highschool students to professional designers and engineers. We will continue to provide CircuitMaker Pro at a very affordable price point, and CircuitMaker (that is so popular with many of our users) will remain as a free version.

Beta and Beyond

Altium CircuitMaker Pro is currently in Beta testing. After the Beta cycle is complete, the program will be released for commercial sale.

The classic Altium CircuitMaker remains accessible at

Altium will continue to support existing Altium CircuitStudio customers; current users who are on a valid subscription will have the option to upgrade to Altium CircuitMaker Pro at no additional cost after the Beta cycle is successfully completed.

For more information, please visit

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