Ebook: EnviroSense Multi-board Project

Mark Harris
|  Created: March 15, 2022  |  Updated: July 1, 2024
EnviroSense WiFi Weather Station Multiboard Design

Get started with surface-mounted, sub-assemblies in this hands-on project. Mark Harris demonstrates the advantages of multi-board assemblies when creating your own surface-mount module.

In this project, Mark Harris will demonstrate how to build the host board with an emphasis on how and why you would build your own surface-mount module. The Microchip WiFi module is a perfect example of why you would create your own surface mounted board.

Download this Ebook to start working on this project offline or read the complete project here: EnviroSense WiFi Weather Station Multiboard Design

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About Author

About Author

Mark Harris is an engineer's engineer, with over 16 years of diverse experience within the electronics industry, varying from aerospace and defense contracts to small product startups, hobbies and everything in between. Before moving to the United Kingdom, Mark was employed by one of the largest research organizations in Canada; every day brought a different project or challenge involving electronics, mechanics, and software. He also publishes the most extensive open source database library of components for Altium Designer called the Celestial Database Library. Mark has an affinity for open-source hardware and software and the innovative problem-solving required for the day-to-day challenges such projects offer. Electronics are passion; watching a product go from an idea to reality and start interacting with the world is a never-ending source of enjoyment. 

You can contact Mark directly at: mark@originalcircuit.com

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