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The MOM/MES Edge: The MES Performance Kick

Created: October 17, 2017
Updated: March 20, 2020
The MOM/MES Edge: The MES Performance Kick

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Manufacturers are increasingly being pushed to implement manufacturing execution systems (MES) in order to optimize their operations. Statistics illustrate both how Best-in-Class organizations successfully deploy such systems as well as how they reap the benefits of doing so.

Key observations include:

  1. The pressure to implement MES is predominantly driven by cost, quality, and the need to comply with regulations, respectively.

  2. Best-In-Class organizations who utilize MES outperformed their peers in tracking and traceability, visibility, and quality.

  3. Best-In-Class firms are 50% more likely to implement MES and 76% more likely to implement manufacturing operations management (MOM) than all others.

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