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Virtual Prototyping Versus Traditional Product Development Methods

Created: September 5, 2017
Updated: March 20, 2020
Virtual Prototyping Versus Traditional Product Development Methods

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Best-in-Class companies who utilize simulation and virtual prototyping are notably outperforming their peers who continue to use more traditional methods of product development. By discussing the three primary methods used to predict product performance (physical prototyping, manual calculation, and virtual prototyping software) this article demonstrates how simulation software is the superior choice for successfully addressing the increasingly complex challenges of New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI).

Key findings include:

  1. 67% of Best-in-Class companies rely on virtual prototyping software for design validation and verification.

  2. Best-in-Class firms easily outperform their peers in meeting product targets, and this success is directly attributable to their user of virtual prototyping over hand calculations and physical prototypes.

  3. Virtual prototyping users saw a 13% decrease in overall development time for new products. ​

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