Get the Most from Altium Designer 24

Achieve Precision and Speed with Altium Designer 24's Innovative Routing Features

Trace routing is typically the most arduous process during the development of a PCB layout. With a high number of connections, things can get repetitive very fast. Generally, the more connections there are, the longer the routing process takes for each connection. Each critical connection demands precise routing to maintain performance.

Join our webinar to discover how Altium, a leader in PCB design innovation, is pushing the boundaries with Altium Designer 24’s new routing functionality.


  • 3D-MID design capabilities
  • Automatic length tuning
  • Automatic trace shrinking
  • Automatic loop removal
  • Enhanced routing rules
  • And more!

Learn how these innovative routing capabilities can speed up your routing process, improve precision, and enhance your overall design efficiency. Don't miss this chance to boost your routing performance and tackle even the most demanding designs with ease.

Register now to secure your spot and level up your routing skills.

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