Getting Started With Flex and its Substrates

Created: August 2, 2023

We live in a three dimensional world, so let's take advantage of it! Flex and rigid-flex boards allow us to break away from the x-y plane and design upwards and around unique objects, and enclosures. When designing these types of boards there’s a lot to consider from materials, routing techniques, polygon patterns, and more.

With the market for wearables is forecasted to grow to be $150 billion by 2026. Most of these devices are simply impossible to design without rigid-flex technology. This means that PCB designers need to become experts in designing, testing, and manufacturing in a wearable and “foldable” world.

Join us this month where we’ll go over:

  • Creating flexible regions on your board
  • Basic thoughts regarding your Material Choice
  • Routing Tips
  • Polygon placement
  • Contour Routing

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