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Marty Hauff
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

At Altium, we endeavor to make our tools as simple to learn and as pain free to use as possible. But when time is money and you need to be up and running in a flash, or you want to refine your skills in Altium Designer® so you can wield it like a pro, reaching out for some additional training might be just what the doctor ordered. Since the start of this year, we've been rolling out a new and enhanced suite of training programs that include certification, and with the recent introduction of Altium's online Printed Board Design certification registry, you can increase your professional value and branding by sharing direct links to the Altium Certificates that you have earned.

A few years back, we started a project to overhaul our training material. That process was the catalyst to what ultimately became a monumental effort in content and practical exercise creation that culminated in almost 2000 pages of training manuals and several hundred pages of training exercises - and that’s just for English!

Phase 1 of our Training & PCB Design Certification plan was rolled out globally late last year and since its release, around 1000 customers have received instruction in the new Altium - Essentials and Altium - Advanced courses.


Having satisfied the training element of our Training & Certification plan, the next phase was to establish a system of certification, and it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I can announce to you today that we have achieved a significant milestone on that journey.

A couple of weeks ago we ran a printed board batch process that added an electronic certificate to the public AltiumLive profile page of each one of our Essentials and Advanced course attendees - sign in to AltiumLive to take a look at my public profile page for an example. Clicking on the Board Design Certification hyperlink will launch a new browser window to display a PDF version of the rendered certificate.

We really want to acknowledge the skills that our customers have gained using Altium and to do so in a way that adds value to their professional profile. So what better way to achieve this than to make the certificates electronic and available online?  

Each certificate includes a unique code that is carefully managed by Altium and can be verified through our  online certificate authentication service. This code can also be used to create a direct link that can be embedded as a hyperlink within the certificate owner’s social web profile pages such as on LinkedIn or Facebook. And for organizations that are in the business of designing electronics products under contract, links to employee certificates can also serve as valuable web branding and marketing assets.

Altium Certificates are strictly controlled by Altium and can only be issued through an Altium Authorized Training Provider. This ensures global standards are maintained and provides you with the assurance that your training provider has been vetted by Altium and is competent in the delivery of Altium’s training content.

Perhaps its worth considering whether you and your organization could benefit from attending an Altium Training Program and becoming Certified?

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