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Improve Productivity with Multiple Monitors

Colby Siemer
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: September 25, 2020

In electronics design, there’s an inherent need to increase productivity whenever possible. To that end, electronics and PCB designers also tend to have an affinity for technology that will help them do that and boost productivity. They’re willing to invest money in the most up-to-date tools, training, and bells and whistles if it means saving time and money in the long run. However, there’s another area that’s often overlooked and doesn’t cost very much either: Screen real estate.

Having a single monitor is no longer enough. Your standard configuration should be at least two monitors. In fact, depending on how much information you tend to need at a glance, or the number of editing windows you need open and visible at any given time, you may even decide to invest in multiple displays. This simple, relatively inexpensive upgrade can improve your productivity in your PCB software by leaps and bounds, but how? In what ways does adding multiple monitors enhance your daily workflow?

Perform Tasks Faster and More Efficiently with Multiple Monitors

Let’s begin by looking at the most immediate and noticeable benefits from working in a multiple monitor environment. Here are just a few examples of everyday tasks that can be done faster with more screen real estate through an additional monitor:

  • Cutting and Pasting – By increasing your screen real estate, multiple windows can be immediately accessible in full size. Copy something from one window and paste it into another in one quick motion.

  • Following digital instructions – By adding a second monitor, you can follow an instruction document that is fully visible at all times, while you carry out your task step-by-step on the other desktop screen.

  • Online training and meetings – While in an online Skype® meeting, you can reference other documents and applications at a glance, while still keeping the view of your meeting on the other screen.

Enhance Your Workflow the Easy Way

While most are quick to invest in anything proven to enhance productivity, simple solutions like screen real estate are often overlooked. As a matter of fact, multiple monitors have been proven to increase productivity in any situation1. But when used with a PCB design software that’s built to take advantage of expanded screen real estate, you increase your productivity even more. The question is not, “Do I need multiple monitors?” The question is, “How many do I need? Two, three, or four?”

Want to learn more about what simply adding additional screens can do for your workflow? Download our free whitepaper Screen Real Estate today!

1Dell Dual Monitor Study

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