Modern DFM, Princeton University, and Uniquely Shaped PCB Design OnTrack Newsletter January 2018

Judy Warner
|  Created: January 26, 2018  |  Updated: November 30, 2020
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On Track Newsletter
On Track Newsletter
  VOL. 1 No 8

Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of the Altium® On Track Newsletter!

In Designer Spotlight, we bring you a fresh perspective on DFM and prototyping with industry veteran Dirk Stans, owner of Belgium-based PCB manufacturer Eurocircuits.

In Next Gen Innovators, we give you a glimpse under the hood of another impressive Formula SAE contender, Princeton University’s Racing Electric team.

In the On Track Video Series, John Magyar talks about uniquely shaped PCBs. We’ve also produced and shared a viewer-requested bonus video by Chris Carlson about numbering your layer stacks.

We’ve given you 3 hearty portions of Brain Food and be sure to check out our new Regional News feature below.

Did you know that On Track goes out around the world to hundreds of thousands in four languages? Many thanks to the On Track newsletter team for lending their rich global perspective and continual pursuit of excellence: Iryna Zhuravel, Dedeyla Conde, Agata Tylutki, Ksenia Gulyakina, Chenji Zhuang, Julia Schuelin, Keiko Takahama, Ben Kitzinger, Alex Colletta, Alanna Jordan and Stephanie Hardman.

Happy New Year and stay on track in 2018!

Warm Regards,
Judy M. Warner
Director of Community Engagement
Managing DFM issues with an online fabrication partner
Dirk Stans is the owner of Belgium-based prototype PCB manufacturer Eurocircuits. An early pioneer of online board fabrication services, he has a very unique industry history and philosophy regarding the best and most efficient way to manufacture prototype PCBs. Particularly focused on bridging the gap between fabricators and designers, he is passionate about equipping board designers with knowledge and tools to help achieve first-time-pass boards. After his recent presentation at the AltiumLive 2017 Summit in Munich, we had a conversation about DFM issues and how manufacturers and designers can work together to avoid costly time delays that often occur at the outset of a new board fabrication.
Maker Space
Princeton University is one of the most historically significant and prestigious universities in the United States. Fourth oldest university in the country, it boasts 26 faculty and 16 alumni that have been awarded the Nobel Prize. In 1776, Princeton president John Witherspoon was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Their famous and picturesque Nassau Hall was graced by the presence of many of the founding fathers and early US presidents, including George Washington.
In more recent history, the School of Engineering was established in 1921 and began forming the technological bedrock upon which the Princeton Racing Electric team would eventually be built. PRE is a formula hybrid team that designs, builds and races electric cars. In their 2016-17 season they placed 2nd in the electrical division at Formula Hybrid. In the interview below, team president Jasper Gebhardt and electrical team lead Ryoto Sekine discuss the challenges and achievements of the Princeton Racing Electric team.
Featured Blog/Video
Make Your Product Fit That Unusual Shape
Altium’s John Magyar explains how to factor in the complexities that come into play when you are designing boards for unusually shaped and tight spaces.
We are offering a second On Track video this month by Chris Carlson based on your requests to demonstrate how to identify your layers in Altium Designer®. Enjoy!
Brain Food

About Author

About Author

Judy Warner has held a unique variety of roles in the electronics industry for over 25 years. She has a background in PCB Manufacturing, RF and Microwave PCBs and Contract Manufacturing, focusing on Mil/Aero applications. 

She has also been a writer, blogger, and journalist for several industry publications such as Microwave Journal, PCB007 Magazine, PCB Design007, PCD&F, and IEEE Microwave Magazine, and an active board member for PCEA (Printed Circuit Engineering Association). In 2017, Warner joined Altium as the Director of Community Engagement. In addition to hosting the OnTrack Podcast and creating the OnTrack Newsletter, she launched Altium's annual user conference, AltiumLive. Warner's passion is to provide resources, support, and advocate for PCB Design Engineers worldwide.

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