Come See Microchip at AltiumLive 2019 in San Diego!

We here at Microchip are excited to contribute to the presentation lineup at AltiumLive 2019 in San Diego. Join us this year to hear our very own Bob Martin’s keynote presentation covering prototyping using the Arduino platform, and Pete Wilson’s technical session on wireless design using RF modules.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn from Microchip this year:

In this keynote, Microchip's resident Wizard of Make, Bob Martin, will show us how we can effortlessly transition from Arduino proof-of-concept prototypes to production-friendly PCB designs.

Bob will address the core elements of an Arduino hardware system: what can be removed, what can be optimized, and what needs to be considered for scalable design.

If you love using the Arduino platform for proving out your concept, but your goal is to take your product into mass-production, you will not want to miss out on this keynote!

Are you interested in adding Wi-Fi®, Zigbee®, Bluetooth®, LoRa® or other wireless protocols to your design, but not quite committed enough to go back to school for an advanced degree in RF engineering?

In his presentation, which is geared towards RF newcomers with Altium experience, Pete Wilson will show us how RF modules can be a convenient way to add wireless connectivity with minimal risk. He will also highlight good design practices and provide tips for avoiding common pitfalls.

In the spirit of modular design, the lecture will cover relevant RF topics, but keep it simple: no intensive math or highly technical chip-down design. By the end of the lecture you'll be ready to add an RF module to your project with confidence!


We look forward to seeing you at AltiumLive this year! Click here to see what else is in store for AltiumLive 2019 in San Diego. 

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