Altium Designer 14 - 3D Clearance Checking of Flex Mounted Components

October 17, 2013
With new support for rigid-flex PCB design, there has to be a way of checking the clearance of components on flex-circuit and separate rigid areas that will move in the final product assembly. The Component Clearance rule and online DRC show in real-time when there will be a clearance issue. Transcript: It's one thing to be able to specify different layer stacks in a rigid-flex design, and then to generate fab drawings for the PCB manufacturer to follow. But there are more advantages to doing this in a tool that already has native 3D support. An additional aspect of being able to simulate the folding of flex circuits in Altium Designer 14, is that clearance checking of components and 3D mechanical bodies is still active with the Online Design Rule Checker. In Design Rules, the clearance rule for components allows you to specify how close component bodies can go. By enabling the clearance check in the online DRC Rules to Check list, clearance violations highlight when folding the board from the layer stack regions editor of the PCB panel. So getting the design right the first time is much more likely than before.
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