Efficient PCB Routing Using Gloss and Retrace Software Tools

David Haboud
|  Created: March 19, 2020  |  Updated: April 12, 2021

The primary goal of your traces is to carry signals throughout your board without losses. To do this properly, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements for signals on the printed circuit board and how to optimize the topology of the board in terms of signal integrity. We will analyze the most popular routing cases applicable for using the Gloss and Retrace tools in Altium Designer to optimize your signal integrity.

Gloss Tool Demo: 15:36

Retrace Tool Demo: 26:50


The basic concept of signal integrity

Requirements for transmission lines in terms of signal integrity

Gloss and Retrace tools

Analysis of various cases of using Gloss and Retrace tools

About Author

About Author

David Haboud joined Altium as a Product Marketing Engineer in 2015. He studied electrical engineering, emphasizing computer architecture and hardware/software design at the University of Southern California. As an embedded software engineer in the aerospace industry, his focus on firmware development and data acquisition for auxiliary power units highlighted the importance of cross-functional collaboration. Through his engineering experiences, he discovered his passion for enabling cross-discipline engineers to communicate effectively. In his spare time, he hosts and performs in improvisational and stand-up comedy nights in San Diego, California.

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