Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Data Management: Maximizing Development Productivity

Created: April 11, 2017
Updated: March 20, 2020
Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Data Management: Maximizing Development Productivity

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Implementing an integrated computer-aided design (CAD) data management system allows companies to most effectively enjoy the benefits of their CAD solutions. Best-in-Class practices illustrate how adopting set CAD data management processes can lead to a more successful product release across several key metrics, including cost, quality, and time to market.

Key findings include:

  1. 40% of all respondents said their top CAD action was to train users to increase their CAD skills.

  2. The Best-in-Class were 29% more likely to meet their launch dates than All Others.

  3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Choose a data management system that can quickly and easily search for existing CAD models for potential reuse before new design work is started.

  4. What distinguishes the Best-in-Class from their peers? They pair the leveraging of CAD data management methods with product development.

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