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How To Import Libraries and Manage Components With Altium 365

Created: November 23, 2022
Updated: September 26, 2023

Nothing causes more worries for a designer than the PCB components. Your mind probably starts racing whenever you send out a design for fabrication and assembly, and phone calls start coming in.


What did I forget?

Did I use all of the correct components?

Did I make a mistake that's going to cost the company?

Can we meet the deadline to get the design respinned?

Why can't I get this right?


The problems you can experience with components and libraries are endless. These problems are the most significant source of design issues and the biggest reason behind respins, costing companies untold amounts of lost profit annually.

The opposite occurs when you have excellent components that are "correct" with their information and models and are managed and stored in a well-organized library where you can easily find them. In such a scenario, components can change without creating problems. Naturally, every designer desires a library like that. You can start building that kind of library today by following a few simple steps, which you will learn at a special Altium presentation hosted on The Component Library and Altium 365. If you want to have a better understanding of how to use Altium 365 to maintain a strong and centralized library that is free of problems and headaches, you may want to consider attending this lecture

During this special webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Library structure for today's complex PCB designs
  • The anatomy of PCB components
  • How to create new and correct components and get them right the first time
  • How to successfully manage the components
  • How to consolidate multiple libraries into Altium 365 using the Library Importer
  • How to proactively combat component shortages using Altium 365 and the Manufacturing Part Search
  • How to make use of the Manufacturing Part Search
  • How to protect design integrity
  • How to solve library Issues quickly and maintain the highest quality using the Library Health Monitor

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