Rigid Flex In Depth

Created: February 26, 2018
Updated: March 20, 2020
Rigid Flex In Depth

More and more designers are facing the need to reduce size and cost of the products they design, while increasing density and simplifying assembly. Rigid-Flex circuits (those which incorporate flexible portions between separate rigid sections) are becoming a more common solution. This eBook will cover the materials, fabrication, and design methods for using rigid-flex technology.

Rigid-Flex can have many benefits, and there are many designers today considering it today who previously did not have to; the market is changing rapidly. It seems that more designers are facing higher pressures to build ever more densely populated electronics, and with that also comes pressure to reduce costs and time in manufacturing. Well, this is really nothing new of course. Click the PDF above to read more about Rigid Flex In Depth in this Ebook. 

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