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The Value of a Built-in 3D Measurement Tool

Created: February 21, 2017
Updated: September 25, 2020

3D measurement tool is amazing

The built-in 3D measurement features in Altium Designer® has advantages that go above and beyond your average design tool. Read on to discover the true value of integrated 3D measurement capabilities.

The Altium PCB layout editor gives designers the ability to display their board in glorious 3D. With the help of Microsoft® DirectX, the PCB editor allows the complete visualization of printed boards, completely loaded with all of their components. You can then view the loaded board, zoom in, rotate it, and thoroughly examine it in full, three-dimensional detail. You can view it from any angle or position that you choose, or even use orthographic projection to examine the board closely.

The 3D PCB editor gives the not only a highly realistic view of what the fully assembled board will look like, but also the ability to perform critical design tasks, such as 3D clearance checking, examining the location and presentation of text strings, inspecting each individual 3D layer within a single layer mode, and even performing measurements directly within 3D. But what makes the 3D measuring tool in Altium different from those available in any other PCB design software?

3D Measurement Tool Capabilities That Go Beyond the Norm

While other PCB tools may include a tool to measure distance from one component body to another, Altium 3D measurement can perform three sets of measurements, including:

  • From the first object to the board
  • From the second object to the board
  • Between two objects.

The 3D measurement function calculates the distance between the two closest points on the chosen objects or faces, displayed them in yellow. All other measurements are shown in light blue as shown in the image below.


Object-to-Board Edge Measurements, from the Underside of a Plug-in Module Down to the Main Board

Instantaneous Access to Specific Measurement Data

With the 3D PCB Editor within Altium , you not only get a realistic view of your board layout, but also immediate access to the most critical dimensional aspects needed to conceptualize your design. From 3D clearance checking to individual layer inspection, you can obtain all necessary measurements at the click of a mouse.

Want to see how intuitive the built-in 3D measurement tool in Altium really is? Download our free whitepaper 3D Measuring in Altium today!

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3D Clearance Checking of Flex Mounted Components

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