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|  Created: March 22, 2019  |  Updated: January 7, 2021

We’re bringing the top industry voices together to provide you with PCB design insights you can't find anywhere else. This week listen to Gerry Partida on the OnTrack Podcast, and review content from Happy Holden, Lee Ritchey and more on the Altium PCB Design blog. Learn about via protection, microvia manufacturing processes, and more in the content below.

The OnTrack Podcast with Judy Warner

This week on the OnTrack Podcast, Gerry Partida, Director of Engineering at Summit Interconnect Technologies shared his industry expertise on IPC 4761 and answered the question - Why Protect Vias? Listen in to learn about the seven existing methods of via protection and learn why this is so important.

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PCB Industry Expert Series on the PCB Design Blog

Check out the new content on the blog this week:

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Altium Videos on YouTube

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New Altium Industry Expert Series - Call for Writers!

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