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Lawrence Romine
|  Created: February 21, 2017  |  Updated: December 20, 2020

Altium Designer® was named the winner of UBM’s DesignVision Award for the most innovative PCB tools category at DesignCon. We'd like to say thank you!

Hello everyone,

As per usual at the end of every January, we loaded up the wagons and headed to Santa Clara for DesignCon to take our show on the road. As we made the annual pilgrimage this year, we were armed with a brand new trade show display, brand new graphics, a new release of Altium, and 18 months experience working with our new corporate direction.

At the last DesignCon, we talked about this shift in strategy; refocusing of Altium’s core competency - PCB design, putting significant development efforts directly on improving our PCB design system, while opening up our design environment to 3rd parties. More importantly however, we committed to all of you that our customers themselves would also play a greater role in guiding our development tracks through the implementation of a feedback loop.

I am happy to report to all of you that this strategy is working!

Altium 14 was released in November of 2013 and is a direct reflection of our new focus. In my opinion this was the most balanced release in recent memory.  We managed to retain all of the practical and forward looking innovation Altium is known for, but focused it squarely on the PCB market that got us to where we are today, the fastest growing PCB tool vendor in the world.

It is because of your loyalty and feedback over the course of 2013 that Altium 14 was named the winner of UBM’s DesignVision Award for the most innovative PCB tools category at DesignCon.

For this, we thank you and encourage you to keep that feedback coming so that we can continue to not just innovate for innovation's sake but to make sure that everything we do and every update of release of Altium, makes your job easier.

Thanks again everyone!


About Author

About Author

EDA industry thought-leader and veteran expert at Altium, Lawrence is a firm believer that unified solutions are not just nice, but essential.

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