PCB Design, Robotics, and Video Tips: OnTrack Newsletter May 2017

September 11, 2017 Judy Warner
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On Track Newsletter
May 2017 VOL. 1 No 2

Welcome to the second edition of the Altium On Track newsletter. This month we feature a very special PCB designer, Cherie Litson, who is a CID and CID+ Master Trainer. We also take you inside the FIRST Robotics Competition and Team Mechanical Mayhem 1519. We’ve also launched a new monthly On Track educational video series which offers design tips and tricks. As usual, there’s plenty of Brain Food and a list of upcoming electronics conferences and events. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!

Judy M. Warner
Director of Community Engagement
Spotlighting Exceptional Women PCB Designers
Cherie Litson is an accomplished BSEE and Master Instructor for CID and CID+ training at Eptac. She has enjoyed a long career as a PCB design professional and now spends her days training and certifying other designers. Here she shares how she became a designer, her thoughts on differences between men and women in their business approach, and what advice she would offer to others considering a PCB design profession.
Maker Space
Celebrating Makers and their Cool Stuff
Over 25 years ago, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) founder and prolific inventor, Dean Kamen, envisioned a high school robotics competition that rivaled the energy and excitement of any major league sporting event. An event that would turn science students into superstars and infect them with an unshakeable passion for STEM activities and careers. In this promotional FIRST video, Morgan Freeman articulates the vision, value, and power of this amazing global organization. Read here about Altium’s own Chris Jennings' history with FRC and the team he coaches, Mechanical Mayhem 1519, who recently won a coveted spot in the upcoming World Championships.
Featured Blog/Video
Chris Carlson: How to Get Your Layer Stack Right
Altium FAE, Chris Carlson, demonstrates two ways to make sure you get your layer stack right at your fabricator the first time...every time!
Brain Food

About the Author

Judy Warner

Judy Warner has held a unique variety of roles in the electronics industry since 1984. She has a deep background in PCB Manufacturing, RF and Microwave PCBs and Contract Manufacturing with a focus on Mil/Aero applications in technical sales and marketing.

She has been a writer, contributor and journalist for several industry publications such as Microwave Journal, The PCB Magazine, The PCB Design Magazine, PDCF&A and IEEE Microwave Magazine and is an active member of multiple IPC Designers Council chapters.

In March 2017, Warner became the Director of Community Engagement for Altium and immediately launched Altium’s OnTrack Newsletter.
She led the launch of AltiumLive: Annual PCB Design Summit, a new and annual Altium User Conference.

Judy's passion is to provide resources, support and to advocate for PCB Designers around the world.

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