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|  Created: March 8, 2019  |  Updated: December 28, 2020

Did you read the flex circuit articles by Tara Dunn this week? You won’t want to miss it! We also have articles from Happy Holden along with a stellar podcast with special guest Tyler Mincey from Bolt, a hardware accelerator that backs entrepreneurs at the intersection of software and physical products. This week we’re excited to share new Industry Expert articles about Flex Materials, Vertical Conductive Structures and more. Read on, or add to your weekend reading list and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Bolt on the OnTrack Podcast with Judy Warner

This week on the OnTrack Podcast, Judy Warner and Tyler Mincey discuss the unique, hybrid venture that is part venture capitalist and part engineering team. Bolt has about 70 portfolio companies including: B2B companies, sensor systems, wellness devices, medical devices, and direct to consumer electronics. Like OrbitFAB, an orbital gas station for refueling in space. Yes, that’s right, Bolt is building the future - today. Take a listen or read the show notes to quickly digest the wealth of info about product development.

You can also listen to the podcast on all your favorite podcast apps including Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Youtube, PlayerFM and if you can’t find us, let us know!


PCB Industry Expert Series on the PCB Design Blog

We have a new Industry Expert Series on the PCB Design Blog where we’ve collaborated with industry experts to bring you the best information in PCB design.

Check out the new content on the blog this week:

Just in case you didn’t see the Industry Expert articles last week, take a look:

Check out other articles on our blog:


Altium Videos on YouTube

Check out the new videos live on the Altium Youtube Channel:

New this week in the Altium Youtube Channel:

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