PCB Manufacturers Offering the Shortest Turnaround Times

Oliver J. Freeman, FRSA
|  Created: July 8, 2024
PCB Manufacturers Offering the Shortest Turnaround Times

With the growing demand for PCBs in just about every electronic device in development, time is of the essence. For manufacturers or even hobbyists, quickly getting hold of a functional prototype can be the difference between success and missed opportunities; as a solution to this time-intensive problem, some manufacturers have started offering quick-turn PCBs

From the editor: The text below lists several companies offering quick-turn PCB production. The listings below were not solicited and do not constitute an endorsement of the companies by the author or by Altium. They are listed for informational purposes only. Please do your own research to find the right manufacturer that meets your needs.

What are Quick Turn PCBs?

Quick-turn PCBs are printed circuit boards manufactured with reduced lead times compared to standard production schedules. These expedited timelines allow engineers and designers alike to rapidly iterate on prototypes, validate designs, and bring products to market faster. 

Depending on the complexity of the board and your chosen manufacturer's workload, standard PCB fabrication can take anywhere from two to eight weeks. Quick-turn services, on the other hand, can deliver functional PCBs in as little as 24 hours, with some manufacturers offering multi-day turnaround options. How do they achieve this drastic reduction in time?

  • Streamlining the process: Quick-turn manufacturers optimize their production lines for pace. They have dedicated staff and equipment solely focused on expedited orders, along with robust inventory management that ensures essential materials are easily accessible and readily available for teams. 
  • Standardizing designs: Many quick-turn manufacturers specialize in simpler PCB designs with readily available materials. While complex, high-layer-count boards might not be feasible for quick-turn production, simpler two-layer or four-layer boards with standard features can be produced swiftly. 
  • Limiting quantities: Quick-turn services are typically geared toward prototypes and low-volume production runs, which helps manufacturers prioritize and dedicate resources to smaller batches for quicker results.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturers: Local vs. Overseas

With Western countries increasingly looking to nearshoring or reshoring their production needs but giant hubs in Asia—especially China—still holding the lion’s share of the PCB market, the question of ‘where to procure my product from?’ comes to mind. Both domestic and overseas manufacturers have quick-turn offerings, but they do differ. Below is a breakdown of some considerations for each category, with recommended ISO-certified manufacturers: 


Local manufacturers offer the advantage of faster shipping times courtesy of both distance and trade agreements and easier communication due to time zone alignment as well as shared languages. That said, these benefits often come at a cost, with local quick-turn services generally being more expensive than their overseas counterparts—this is especially true of more intricate boards, courtesy of the higher production overheads companies face in the West. 

Advanced High Precision Robot Arms on Fully Automated PCB Assembly Line
Local manufacturers provide faster shipping and easier communication advantages

Manufacturers offering quick turn:

A-Tech Circuits specializes in rapid turnaround times, specifically for low to medium-volume PCB orders. Whether you require single-sided PCBs or intricate 30-layer multilayers, A-Tech promises to deliver within a timeframe ranging from 24 to 72 hours—a solid, reliable service and level of dedication that has garnered them a global clientele who trust their expertise. 

American Standard Circuits and Sunstone Circuits provide quick-turn PCBs with a commitment to domestic manufacturing. The two companies, ASC and Sunstone Circuits, which have now merged, combine their expertise to bolster the quality and reliability of the product, but they may not be the fastest when compared to some overseas manufacturers. 

Avanti Circuits Inc. has established itself as a top choice for quick-turn PCBs within the US. Their extensive selection encompasses a wide range of high-quality PCBs in various sizes and layer configurations. Completely understanding the urgency of projects, Avanti prioritizes fast turnaround times (same-day and 24-hour turn) without sacrificing quality by adhering to the strictest industry standards and testing each PCB created.

Please note that, due to the premium pricing associated with local quick-turn services, they are best suited for urgent prototypes or situations where faster shipping times are critical.


China is a major hub for PCB manufacturing, and several companies within its borders offer competitive quick-turn services. These manufacturers can deliver high-quality PCBs at a much lower cost than local providers, with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours for bare boards plus additional days for shipping. There are, however, some drawbacks to consider: 

  • Shipping times: While turnaround times for PCB production itself might be rapid, overseas shipping can add several days to the overall lead time.
  • Communication: Time zone differences and potential language barriers can make it tough to communicate with foreign entities, which adds an element of miscommunication-related risk to the process.
  • Import duties and taxes: Depending on your location and the value of your order, you might be subject to import duties and taxes when receiving PCBs from overseas. 
Flag of the Republic of China on a red painted printed circuit board
China is a key hub for competitive quick-turn PCB manufacturing

Manufacturers offering quick turn:

JHYPCB excels in speed. They are known for consistently delivering exceptional turnaround times, with some PCBs completed and shipped in as little as 24 hours—without compromising quality. They conduct thorough engineering reviews before initiating production, eliminating potential issues and delays. When coupled with good prices and a large, skilled workforce, this meticulous approach allows them to compete with the best. 

JLCPCB is known for its budget-friendly PCBs and incredibly fast turnaround times—with options as quick as 24 hours. They’re a great option for prototypes and low-volume orders. 

JSD PCB offers a variety of quick-turn options, including a 48-hour turnaround for basic PCBs; they also boast a top-quality customer service experience and user-friendly online ordering system, making the process relatively easy for first-time users. 

PCBWay also offers several quick-turn options, including a 24-hour turnaround for basic PCBs. They’re a popular choice for both hobbyists and businesses, courtesy of their competitive pricing, ease of use, prioritization of customer satisfaction with quality-assured, tested PCBs, and multilayer options (up to 10+ layers).   

Rocket PCB specializes in high-quality, quick-turn PCBs with a focus on advanced technologies. This manufacturer can handle complex designs and tight deadlines, making them ideal for cutting-edge projects requiring high-performance PCBs. However, their pricing may be higher than that of other Chinese manufacturers. 

For projects with tight budgets and where faster shipping isn’t a critical concern, overseas quick-turn manufacturers are potentially the better option for the bottom line, as long as you’ve vetted the supplier for quality and reliability. 

Additional Considerations

  1. Regardless of your chosen manufacturer, It’s important to practice good Design for Manufacturability (DFM); with engineers following DFM guidelines, your PCB design will align with the manufacturer’s capabilities, reducing the risk of production delays or errors. 
  2. When working with quick-turn manufacturers, make sure your Gerbers are properly prepared and meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Double-checking formats and layer naming conventions can be a beneficial preventative. Ensure you have the complete output package ready before submitting your order to the manufacturer; missing information can lead to delays while the manufacturer clarifies requirements with you—significantly extending your turnaround time. 
  3. Given that quick-turn PCBs are primarily intended for prototyping and low-volume production runs, don’t forget that while the quality should be sufficient for functional testing, they might not meet the rigorous quality standards required for mass production.
Businessman checking mark on the check boxes with marker red
Practice good DFM to align PCB design with manufacturer capabilities

Final Factors to Consider When Choosing a Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer

While the allure of rapid turnaround times is undeniable, there are important considerations to take into account when selecting a quick-turn PCB manufacturer. Let’s look at the aspects you should evaluate: 

  • Cost: As is often the case with fast delivery, quick-turn services often come at a premium compared to standard lead times. You will pay higher prices per board when opting for expedited production.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): Some quick-turn manufacturers might have MOQs in place. Make sure it aligns with your prototype or low-volume production needs.
  • Capabilities: As mentioned earlier, quick-turn services typically cater to simpler PCB designs. Make sure the manufacturer can handle your board’s complexity, including layer counter, feature size, and material requirements. 
  • Turnaround time vs. complexity: Remember, turnaround times are often faster for simpler boards. More complex boards with features like high layer counts, tight tolerances, or rarer materials will likely take longer to produce, even with quick-turn services.
  • Quality: To do the best job, you sometimes need “More haste, less speed.” You need to choose a manufacturer that doesn’t compromise quality in exchange for pace. Choose one with a proven track record of delivering high-quality PCBs that meet your design specs.
  • Customer service: Clear communication and support throughout the quick-turn process is vital; select a manufacturer that offers responsive customer service and is readily available to address any of your concerns. 

Quick-turn PCBs are great for engineers and designers who need to innovate new systems in limited timeframes, but it is important to be prudent when performing procurement due diligence. If you understand the benefits, limitations, and key considerations when selecting a manufacturer, you can leverage quick-turn services to accelerate your development process, reduce costs, and, in the end, gain a competitive edge.

Remember, the ideal quick-turn solution depends on your specific project requirements. Weigh factors like budget, complexity, turnaround time needs, and desired level of communication to make the right decision. With the correct approach, quick-turn PCBs can be a powerful asset for fledgling companies and stalwarts alike.

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About Author

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