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|  Created: June 7, 2019  |  Updated: March 16, 2020

Welcome to the weekly digest where all the Altium articles, videos, podcast clips and more are shared each week. On the podcast this week, get inspired by this success story - Greg Papandrew discusses his new company, Better Board Buying. We also have several articles from PCB experts detailing the benefits and requirements for good design management and design for modern mobile environments. Just can’t get enough about Altium? Tryout our latest Altium Design product, Concord, read about the latest release or if you’re new to Altium Designer, drop your design files in the Altium Viewer for a quick look inside.

Articles from PCB Design Experts

Read the latest articles published this week by experts in the field:

The OnTrack Podcast with Judy Warner

This week, Judy Warnerdiscusses the need for better boards with Greg Papandrew from Better Board Buying. We learn how his company helps designers to find the right board shop and how doing so will improve their products. We also discuss how the industry has changed over the past two decades and gain insights on how we can improve ourselves for a better tomorrow. Listen, watch or read here and explore more about the show in detail.

Not sure if you have time for this week’s episode? Find out what we covered with guest Greg Papandrew in these quick Youtube clips:

The OnTrack Podcast brings you tips, information and guidance from industry leaders such as John Watson, Lee Ritchey, Rick Hartley, Eric Bogatin and more. You can listen to or watch the podcast on all your favorite podcast apps including Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn, Youtube, PlayerFM and if you can’t find us, let us know!

Altium Videos on YouTube

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New videos on the Altium Youtube Channel:

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