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Lee Ritchey
|  Created: August 17, 2020  |  Updated: February 5, 2021

EMI & Noise Control Reading List

  1. PCB Design for Real-World EMI Control - Bruce R. Archambeault (Kluwer Academic Publishers Group) - ISBN 978-1-4757-3642-7 
  2. Principals of Power Integrity for PDN Design Simplified - Larry D. Smith & Eric Bogatin (Prentice Hall) - ISBN 978-0-13-273555-1
  3. Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering - Henry Ott (2nd Edition - John Wiley and Sons) - ISBN 978-0-470-18930-6
  4. Digital Design for Interference Specifications- A Practical Handbook for EMI Suppression - David L. Terrell & R. Kenneth Keenan (Newnes Publishing) - ISBN 0-7506-7282-X
  5. Grounding & Shielding Techniques - Ralph Morrison (6th Edition - John Wiley and Sons) - ISBN 978-1-119-18374-7
  6. EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers - Patrick G. André and Kenneth Wyatt - ISBN 978-1-61355-019-1 

Signal Integrity Control Reading List

  1. Fast Circuit Boards - Energy Management – Ralph Morrison (Wiley & Sons) – ISBN 978-1-119-41399-8
  2. Right the First Time- A Practical Handbook on High-Speed PCB and System Design - Volumes I & II - Lee W. Ritchey (Speeding Edge) - ISBN 978-097-41936-0-1
  3. High-Speed Digital System Design- A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Practice - Hall, Hall and McCall (Wiley Interscience 2000) - ISBN 0-36090-2
  4. High-Speed Digital Design- A Handbook of Black Magic - Howard W. Johnson & Martin Graham (Prentice Hall) - ISBN 0-13-395724-1
  5. High-Speed Signal Propagation- Advanced Black Magic - Howard W. Johnson & Martin Graham - (Prentice Hall) - ISBN 0-13-084408-X
  6. Signal and Power Integrity Simplified - Eric Bogatin (Prentice Hall) - ISBN 0-0-13-702502-0 

About Author

About Author

Lee Ritchey is considered to be one of the industry’s premier authorities on high-speed PCB and system design. He is the founder and president of Speeding Edge, an engineering consulting and training company. He conducts on-site private training courses for high technology companies and also teaches courses through Speeding Edge and its partner companies. In addition, Lee provides consulting services to top manufacturers of many different types of technology products including Internet, server, video display and camera tracking/scanning products. He is currently involved in characterizing materials for ultra high speed data links used throughout the Internet.
Prior to founding Speeding Edge, Ritchey held a number of hardware engineering management positions including Program Manager for 3Com Corporation in Santa Clara and Engineering Manager for Maxtor. Previously, he was co-founder and vice president of engineering and marketing for Shared Resources, a design services company specializing in the design of high-end supercomputer, workstation and imaging products. Earlier in his career, he designed RF and microwave components for the NASA Apollo space program and other space platforms. Ritchey holds a B.S.E.E. degree from California State University, Sacramento where he graduated as outstanding senior. In 2004, Ritchey contributed a column, “PCB Perspectives” which appeared on a monthly basis in the industry-renowned trade publication, EE Times.

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